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Our newly decorated room is bright and cheerful, perfect for entertaining any young child.

We provide lots of fun activities suitable for many ages, designed to entertain and provide basic skills to help start the babies' development.


The Butterfly Room provides lots of tactile activities such as jelly play and painting, activities and games that most babies don’t experience at home.  


Every baby is offered their own cot in our quiet separate sleeping room to reassure the sense of security that babies need during their development.  


We also have relaxing furniture for staff to be able to give every baby the one to one attention that they need as well as the opportunity to just to have a cuddle.  


The butterfly room accommodates both babies and children up to 2 year olds in separate spaces. The room also has direct access to our new outdoor play area called the play den, which we have designed this area to be fully self-contained to ensure security and protect the most vulnerable.

This is where our youngest children start their time with us

  • Safe and secure

  • Comfortable and cheerful

  • Tactile activities provided

  • Entertainment and fun

  • Educational activities

  • Clean and hygienic

  • Conveniently located in Stourbridge

Why choose us?

The Butterfly Room is our dedicated space for baby day care, where our youngest children start their wonderful time with us.

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