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Once our children turn 3 years old they are able to grow into our Dragonfly Room.


The activities and resources that we offer change and grow with each individual child, as toddlers change into young children and their needs and interests develop.  

The dragonfly room offers a variety of construction activities and a messy play area perfect for accommodating pre-school children.


Child sized table, chairs and furniture allow freedom and encourage independence, inspiring the children to socialise at meal times and during activities. And doors lead outside to the private and secure outdoor play area.

Welcome to our Pre-School Room

The Dragonfly Room is our dedicated pre-school room, where our young children can grow with a little more freedom to help encourage their independence.

Why choose Twinkle Toes Private Day Nursery

We will maintain the current staff to child ratio

Experience and caring staff

Low turnover of staff

Private and secure nurseries

Nursery grants and funded placements available

Childcare vouchers accepted

Nursery meals provided

Open all year

Outdoor play areas

Conveniently located in Stourbridge

We offer up to 15 hours per week Funded placements for 3 year olds with the flexibility of spreading the funded hours over 38, 42 or 47 weeks per year.


For more information on our pre-school services please contact us today.

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