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Could you qualify for partial or even free childcare?

When can you start to claim?

You could start to claim at the beginning of the term starting on or after the 1st of April depending on the date your child was born. For more information about government funded nursery places in Stourbridge, contact your local council or look on the GOV.UK website for more information.


If you are still unsure contact Twinkle Toes Private Day Nursery today for help to find out your entitlements.

3 to 4-year-old children in England could get up to 570 hours of free childcare or education per year.

Over 38 weeks of the year this could be as much as 15 hours per week.

There is also funding available for other age ranges.

For help to find out if your child could qualify for educational funding contact Twinkle Toes Private Day Nursery in Stourbridge today.

If you are looking for advice on what funding is available visit Twinkle Toes Private Day Nursery today for some free advice

Time for twos – Free childcare for eligible two year olds

Free early learning places for eligible two year olds. Some two year olds may be able to access a free early learning place in the term after their second birthday if they meet the government’s eligibility criteria. This is known as ‘Time for twos’ in Dudley.

Please go to for more information and to apply.

Early Education Funding - EEF

We are registered for Early Education Funding for up to 15 hours per week, up to 47 weeks per year.

EEF can be claimed the term following your child’s 3rd birthday.

EEF can be split between ourselves and a primary school or other day nursery.

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