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After spending a great deal of time looking for nurseries for my 2 year old daughter, it became apparent to me that there was a shortage of quality local nurseries. So with this in mind I decided to open my own nursery.

That was back in 2003!


Since then I have joined forces with the then nursery manager.

We have moved into a larger building, offering greater room and facilities for our children.

Including holiday club for the older children and siblings, giving parents a chance for continuity of care until their child is 12 years old.


So whether you are going back to work, returning to study, want your child to gain some new social skills or just need some time to yourself, Twinkle Toes Private Day Nursery will ensure that both parent and child are happy and that all needs are catered for.


Please feel free to ring at any time with any questions you may have or visit us to see us at any time, you are very welcome. For security reasons we would ask that you to bring some form of identification with you and if you would like to view the rooms please feel free to pop in. (please avoid times  between 11.30am to 1.30pm)

Where we have come from

Our Mission Statement

We offer full day care services for babies, toddlers and young children from 6 weeks old to 5 years.


Whether you are looking for a regular child care program, a seasonal day care service or an irregular or one off nursery service we are here to help. Our experienced day care staff are on hand to take excellent care of your children while you work, take a break or deal with personal circumstances. We’re available 51 weeks of the year providing a dependable childcare service you trust to keep your child safe.

Welcome to Twinkle Toes Private Day Nursery

We provide breakfast, lunch* and an afternoon tea, all carefully designed to promote health, growth and proper nutrition.  Cupcakes Catering are our specialist catering service and provide nutritious and delicious meals suitable for any child’s dietary requirements.


Breakfast is served on arrival until 9.00am and consists of a variety of toast, cereal and a drink of milk or water.


Lunch*  is served at 12.00pm. A freshly cooked wholesome lunch is provided to the individual needs of the children as well as milk or water followed by dessert.


Tea is served at 4.00pm. This is only a light tea of nutritional value such as sandwiches with a salad, beans on toast, fruit, milk and water.


Drinks and healthy snacks are offered throughout the day and staff will always sit with children to make meal time a family time and to add to the learning and social experience of meal times to help children to gain total independence at the appropriate time. All dietary needs both cultural and individual are catered for.


For more information on our seasonal day care services, our range of meals and to answer any health questions you might have contact us today.

*Terms and conditions apply please contact management for further details.

Meals and nutrition

Looking after children for you


In every area of the nursery children’s needs and requirements are paramount.


We aim to provide quality child care in a safe and caring environment for children aged between six weeks and five years old.


To stimulate and spark children's imagination and desire to explore with a wide range of play activities and quality resources.


Twinkle Toes Day Nursery focuses on forming partnerships with parents and carers so that stability is offered to children and parents know that their children are receiving the highest quality child care.


Contact us for more information!

Our aim is to keep the staff to child ratio as low as possible. We care about the safety and education of your children in Stourbridge.

Babies, toddlers and children;

6 weeks to 5 years old

Please ensure children wear comfortable loose clothing, which is suitable for a variety of activities, including arts and crafts, outdoors and sleeping. We tend to get messy! Please label all items of clothing and accessories, just in case any items of clothing go missing.

What to wear?

Please supply a complete change of clothes for the inevitable accidents, a pair of wellies to be left at nursery as well as a pair of slippers. Appropriate outdoor clothing, nappies, wipes and creams if necessary. Please note a charge may apply if nursery nappies need to be used. For security we need a passport sized photo of your child and a separate photo of any adults who have permission to collect your child, which is clearly named with the relationship to your child printed on the back. Please also bring any necessary forms; admissions, contract, permissions & consent forms, verification of legal custody/parental responsibilities and child’s birth certificate.

What should we bring?

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